About Big City Thunder

About Big City Thunder

About Big City Thunder, Thunder Monster Baffles
Born from a love of motorcycles, racing, and a hot rodding history, our company was formed by individuals who enjoy riding, racing and street rodding, just like you! Our people come from diverse backgrounds like hands on hard work and life experiences to Masters Degrees. The common bond is our passion for motorcycles.

Big City Thunder's heritage has grown out of championships and world records. Our head engineer, Jim Maybeck, campaigned a supercharged, nitro burning funny car named The Screaming Eagle. Sponsored by United States Savings Bonds and Kendall Oil, this patriotic red, white and blue AA/FC was featured in Hot Rod, Car Craft, Super Stock, and similar magazines in the late 60's and 70's.

Racing against such legends as Mickey Thompson, Jungle Jim, The Ram Chargers, Don Prudhome, Connie Kalitta, and Shirley Muldowney, Jim and The Screaming Eagle were a major threat to their competition throughout the USA.

From these beginnings Big City Thunder was formed. Thunder Monsters, our patented and trademarked performance baffles have been successfully applied in motorcycle exhaust systems too numerous to list.

We will continually strive to lead the industry in products that not only improve performance and rideability but also produce a sound unlike any other.

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